Why Wash, Tone, & Moisturize?

These essential three easy steps will ensure you to have better skin if you stick to a regular routine. Smooth Skin delivers the best results when used as a system. Our Face collection offers multi-taking results. There is no doubt that Smooth Skin will improve the overall health of your skin. And we all know we are concerned with the appearance of our skin. So why not make it easy? Even though we are aware of the importance of taking care of our bodies, far too many of us neglect our skin. To maintain better skin you must have affordable luxury products that work. You must be engaged in a community where you can be taught how to properly take care of your skin. We here at The Smooth Skin Company are committed to making this happen.


The WASH, Step 1, removes the everyday grit and crime that invades the skin and it helps gently exfoliate the skin to prevent ingrown hairs. The wash will not strip the skin and leave it tight,stressed and dried out. The liquid cleanser gives you the feel and grip you need and wont dispense too quickly. The low lather formula assures a good touch to the skin. Its perfect for both clean shaved and bearded skins. The effective ingredient combinations penetrate the skin to give you a fresh clean skin. Be free of razor burn and taught dry skin by cleansing first with the Face WASH. Apply light pressure to the muscles of the face to provide firmer more revitalized skin. The lymph and blood passageways are relived to create relaxation. The gentle massage techniques reinforce product absorption. Be sure to mirror your movements on both sides of the face at the same time for the most effective results.


Our alcohol-free spray TONE, Step 2 is unmatched by the competition. This gentle refining treatment helps prevent moisture loss. The convenient spray mist top can be used throughout the day to refresh your skin. It helps aid in retaining the moisture that the skin needs. It is also a quick way to purify the skin in a matter of minutes. It can be used as a scalp soother after shaving and getting a haircut. Its helpful for men who have trouble with ingrown hairs and shaving bumps. Antioxidants fight free radicals. It is a a smart and convenient way to protect your skin from pollution and the elements. After cleansing, close eyes and lightly spray onto face neck, and scalp. Follow with FACE Moisturize

MOISTURIZE , Step 3. This essential step aids in keeping your skin youthful. Some of the first signs of aging is due to lack of hydration to the skin. I t deeply penetrates and works as an instant radiant booster. Due to the combinations of powerful ingredients it is positioned as an anti-aging product. It protects the skin from the environment and immediately restores energy to your skin. The texture quickly absorbs into your skin. Made to use every morning and night or whenever skin feels dry. The technology has small molecules so that it soaks right in to the skin. A little goes a long way and your skin will take in exactly what it needs. Face Moisturize reduces flaky dry skin and at night it aids your skin to gain its optimal rejuvenating process. The Smooth Skin Company is here to help you get healthy skin in 3 easy steps:The Smooth Skin Company is proven to deliver “BETTER SKIN FOR ALL MEN”
How do we do it?
(1) 1- A simple, effective skincare regime (2) 2- Multi-tasking products (3) 3- Your questions answered And this is why we (1) Wash (2) Tone and (3) Moisturize Email us now with your specific skincare questions! I look forward to hearing from you.

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