Why does your face "burn"?

I was checking out the competition today and read through their ingredients list. One of my clients at the barber shop had expressed to me that his face always seemed to “burn” after he used their stuff. His girl bought it for him because it was on sale and he thought you get so much for so less. The ingredients included carbomer, phenoxyethanol, butylparaben, and some other stuff I could not quite figure out. So I did a little research, and decided to share with you what all this means. Carbomer- a white powder, slightly acidic that reacts to fat particles to form thick, stable emulsions of oils in water. Phenoxyethanol- an oily liquid with a faint odor and burning taste derives from treating phenol with ethylene oxide in a alkaline medium. It has been found to be a skin irritant. Butylparaben- Butyl- derived from butane,= a flammable, easily liquefiable gas derived from petroleum, it may be narcotic in high doses and cause asphyxiation. This is just a quick list because I don't want to overwhelm you or myself with these findings. I see why his skin burns! After all of this I just wanted to say you get what you pay for.

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