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The Smooth Skin Company is featured in the Holiday Issue of the Best Shave magazine . Read the entire article here and thanks for your continued support.
Get Your Skin Right with Smooth Skin Care for Men When I saw the healthy complexion of Smooth Skin Company founder Stanford Smith for the first time, I was immediately sold. I had to know more about these high performance prestige skin care products for today's man. Stanford Smith has worn many hats during his 15 years experience with prestige and beauty companies. A personal beauty concierge and well-known make-up artist, he noticed that products which specifically addressed the concerns of men of color - ingrown hairs, razor bumps, dark spots, severely dry or sensitive skin - were virtually non-existent. Oftentimes, the products that were available were too harsh, not effective and sometimes actually damaging to the skin. To make matters worse, most guys have no clue about proper cleansing and hydrating, opting to use the same products for their bodies, on their face. This presented a prime opportunity for the effervescent entrepreneur who saw the need to educate and bring high-end skin care to the everyday brother. Creating a simple regime that really worked and provided both immediate results with long term benefits was his goal. Thus, Smooth Skin care products were born. But what makes Smooth Skin care right for me, you ask? Why can't I just use soap? What's so important about moisturizing? Do I have to wash my face every day? OK, let me break it down for you. The Smooth Skin Company makes it all so easy. Wash, tone and moisturize, that's it; A three-step, daily routine to repair, nourish and heal the skin. But it's not just about the steps, The Company has developed the “right combination” of natural products to effectively cleanse, balance, exfoliate and soothe the skin. Key active ingredients like vitamin C and tea tree oil act as powerful anti-aging agents that hydrate and leave the skin looking and feeling smooth. Protecting the skin from free radicals and making it better able to combat environmental stress are just some of the benefits of using Smooth Skin care. I don't know any guy who doesn't want clean, smooth, blemish-free skin! In the end, every man, whatever his age or skin type, will experience results that he would expect from a high-quality, professional product. Wanna know more? Check out the website for information on all the products including The Smooth Skin Starter Set which is great for traveling or just trying out the products for the first time. According to Stanford, there is a lot more in store including the Body Collection and Smooth Services, just to name a few. Register now and Keep it Smooth!
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