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Smooth Skin's Top 25 Skin Care Tips - The Smooth Skin Company


Smooth Skin's Top 25 Skin Care Tips

  • Store your entire Smooth Skin Face collection in the fridge. It not only increases the life of your products but it feels refreshing and amazing when applied to the skin.

  • After applying the the Face Wash in gentle circular motions, wait up to 60 seconds to feel it invigorate and deeply penetrate all layers of the skin. 3) When shaving, go in one direction and never stretch the skin. This will help eliminate discolorations.

  • Start the renewal process by drawing out impurities. Getting regular facials and 2x weekly exfoliation will keep the skin healthy and aid in brightening and revealing your natural "glow". Be more diligent about taking care of your skin. Book a Signature Smooth Facial

  • When applying the Face Moisturize, massage it into the skin. This brings new life to the skin and revives its moisture levels.

  • Stop touching and picking your FACE! Period!

  • Listen to your Skin. If your feeling a little dry add a 1/2 or full pump more when applying your Face Moisturize.

  • Add an extra pillow to elevate your head at night. Fluid can puddle around the eyes creating dark circles and bagginess in the morning. The area underneath the eyes tends to be 1-3x thinner so it needs definitive attention and hydration. (lightly tap a little Face Moisturize with the ring finger under your eye) FYI: While you rest, your skin has the opportunity to RENEW itself. The moisture penetrates the skin and does its job. The benefit of Face Moisturize is that it is loaded with essential nutrients.

  • Get enough SLEEP. Sleep is one of the greatest resources for Smooth Skin. The skin rejuvenates itself at the highest levels while you rest. It is the most ideal time to feed your skin with nutrients. (see #14)

  • Use a humidifier. It works all year round because it adds essential moisture to the air. It can be programmed to add moisture , both warm and cool so it's perfect for all seasons.

  • Avoid excessive Sun exposure. Use an SPF or at least 15 that blocks UVA and UVB rays.

  • Don't over wash or scrub your face excessively. It can aggravate and damage your skin.

  • Focus on your diet! Hormones in food may affect your skin. Watch what you eat.

  • Be sure to apply Face Moisturize at night to help your skin maintain hydration and infuses it with antioxidants. It provides a barrier of protection. Brand specific ingredients target concerns and helps the skin look better when you wake up.

  • Be sure to not only wash your pillow case but your pillow as well. Microscopic bacteria can harbor and settle into you pillow and get trapped into your pores.

  • weat toxins out of your skin regularly in a sauna.

  • Control your stress. Stress kicks up the sebaceous glands because it causes the hormone cortisol to skyrocket.

  • Water that is too hot can burn the skin causing broken capillaries while water that is too cold doesn't allow the pores to loosen up leaving skin feeling tight. Use warm water to soften the skin and allow for greater penetration of the Face Wash.

  • Rinse thoroughly after washing your face (splash, splash, splash) to remove cleanser off the skin.

  • With a clean, dry towel GENTLY pat your face dry after washing.

  • Use the FACE TONE to preserves the pH balance of the skin. It provides a gentle exfoliation, and prepares the skin to receive the subsequent layers of protection.

  • Drink your way to healthy skin by incorporating water and healthy juices into your diet. They are considered to be repairing as well as soothing for the skin. They can also aid in the natural detoxification process.

  • Get a rhythm to your skin care routine. Our hectic lifestyles can take a toll on our skin. Your skin deserves a reward. The 3 easy, essential steps are all you need to have healthy skin.

  • Register now to receive light, gentle reminders of the importance of healthy skin. We don't want to get off track!

  • Congratulate yourself for choosing to have healthy skin and order now and a receive standard free shipping!

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