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Book the "Smooth Remove" service and receive the "Starter Set". We want everyone to get a opportunity to experience this service NOW and get on your way to healthy skin. No one is really addressing the ingrown hair epidemic. This service combines the use of electrolysis to gently probe, zap, and remove those stubborn ingrown hairs. It retards the papilla (at the root of the hair follicle) so hair can permanently removed. Those stubborn ingrown hairs hook back in to the skin and cause painful pimples and permanent scarring. They can cause redness and swelling. They can burn, itch and make shaving impossible. There is no way you can properly alleviate Pseudofolliculitis Barbae or PFB without the aid of a professional service. Book the "Smooth Remove" NOW and receive the "Starter Set" for limited time as our gift to you. We want to see "BETTER SKIN for ALL MEN"

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