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New Year, New Beginnings. With our 30 Day challenge to Smooth Skin we have made it easy for you. With the Starter Set in hand your game plan begins. For the first week you should begin to see the everyday attacks from the environment begin to slough off. These factors include pollution, stress, diet, weather and lack of a consistent regime.

The key is to get through the beginning stage. Your skin is relieved and ready to rid itself of all the “junk” and build up. Don’t be alarmed but be excited that everything that was embedded in your skin is rising to the top. It may in the form of pimples, blackheads, or layers of dry skin

As you move forward you will begin to see less shine, more vibrancy, bounce and clearer skin. That dry dull, dry texture begins to feel smoother. Thanks to your commitment and the combination of our key ingredients you are taking your skin to the next level.

Tea tree oil acts as a antiseptic and quickly penetrates the skin. Zinc PCA helps to reduce inflammation cause by blemishes. The Elder Flower Extract, a mild astringent and high in Vitamin C keeps skin soft while diminishing wrinkles. The Plantain Leaf extract soothes and cools inflammation.

Skin care is a smart choice and a key part of healthy living. Keep your goals in mind to watch your skin “GET SMOOTHED” !!!

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The Starter Set

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