Heal & Repair....30 Days to Smooth Skin

Congratulations! to those of you who have chosen to have Healthy Skin! You have taken the time to master the Smooth Skin regime “Wash, Tone, & Moisturize” and apply to your 2x a day commitment. Excellent!

You have seen your skin purge and dismiss the excess build up and eliminate all the junk. The dead skin cells have been shedding and now your skin is restoring itself to its optimum best.

The Tea Tree Oil works as a germicide and antiseptic to heal the skin of any disorders while the Silk Protein revitalizes the skin and improves the skin tone. Both are found in the FACE WASH.

Hydrolyzed Oats assists in plumping fine lines while improving hydration. The renewal and cell turnover assistant from Nettle Leaf Extract while Cleaver Leaf Extract is used as a natural detoxifier. These are both in FACE TONE. The spritz top bottled delivers on contact and can be used on the scalp and neck.

Sunflower Seed Oil has high levels of Vitamin E and is one of our key ingredients for your anti-aging defense. Combined with the anti-inflammatory benefits of Emu Oil and Jojoba Seed Oil , your skin receives continuous protection from free radical damage. All 3 our in our FACE MOISTURIZE.

Smooth Skin is relevant, necessary and there are no excuses for you not to have HEALTHY SKIN! We have made it complete and easy for YOU! Skin is your calling card . The main drivers are to remove debris, exfoliate, replenish nutrients, and hydrate with a layer of protection.

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Function & Simplicity perfectly balanced

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