Dry and Greasy in ALL the Wrong Places

Dry and Greasy in All the Wrong Places!!!!!

Forehead GREASY

Lips DRY


Cuticles DRY

Elbows DRY,flaky & rough

Hands DRY


Knees DRY

Feet We wont even go there!

We are staring into your pores instead of your Eyes. You're looking around for a napkin to absorb some of the overflow of OIL is just not making the cut. Believe it or not it may due to the fact that your face may be DRY and clogged therefore not allowing your skin to receive the proper hydration. We want to get to know you and have you put your BEST FACE FORWARD but damn! It's time to UPGRADE your Skincare Regime. SMOOTH is in and believe me there are so many more bigger things we want to focus on when it comes to You.

It's time for you to focus on what is really going on in that mirror.

Oily skin is due to an overproduction of sebaceous glands that may be caused by an imbalanced diet, stress, genetics, or even medication. But it also due to lack of properly hydrating the skin. A lot of people think that after Wash and Tone that adding the last step Moisturize will makes their skin greasy. So not true. Adding moisture to your skin aids in controlling those sebaceous glands and protects your skin from environmental aggressors. Proper hydration keeps your skin from being dull.

Dry/Dehydrated skin is due to an underproduction of sebum. Dry skin tends to age faster and without consistent exfoliation and proper moisture your skin reads flaky, blotchy, red, irritated, and neglected. Face Wash and Face Tone deliver to your skin the perfect exfoliation and essential nutrients. The combination smooths out the texture and gives your skin a healthy appearance.

Your skin slows down when not properly cared for and does not slough off dead cells effectively. The Smooth Skin Face Mask gives your skin a boost to buff away dead skin cells. Using it 2-3x per week unclogs your pores. It will provide a combined solution by making oily areas less oily and dry areas of your face less dry.

A consistent regimen is key and essential to Healthy Skin!

Face Wash Step 1, removes the everyday dirt and grime that invades the skin and helps gently exfoliate the skin to prevent ingrown hairs. The wash will not strip the skin and leave it tight,stressed and dried out. The low lather formula assures a good touch to the skin. Its perfect for both clean shaved and bearded skins. Be free of razor burnps and taught dry skin by cleansing first with the Face Wash.

Our alcohol-free spray Face Tone Step 2 is a gentle refining treatment that helps prevent moisture loss. The convenient spray mist top can be used throughout the day to refresh your skin. It is a convenient way to purify the skin quickly. It can be used as a scalp soother after shaving and getting a haircut. Its helpful for men who have trouble with ingrown hairs and shaving bumps.

Face Moisturize Step 3. This essential step aids in keeping your skin youthful. Some of the first signs of pre-mature aging is due to lack of hydration. It quickly penetrates and works as an instant radiant booster. Due to the combination of powerful ingredients it is positioned as an anti-aging product. It protects the skin from the environment and immediately restores energy to your skin. The texture absorbs quickly.

The Smooth Skin Company's 3 step system is made to use every morning and night . The technology and pharmaceutical grade ingredients soak right in to the skin. A little goes a long way and your skin will take in exactly what it needs. Upgrade now and put your Best Face Forward!

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