Balance & Repair

So you are well on your way to 30 Days to Smooth Skin! So now that you see your skin is beginning to expel the “junk” that has been clogging it up, we see it starting to reveal a more balanced texture.

A well rounded combination of actives have now penetrated the skin and help accelerate the healing of skin disorders. You see a reduction in blemishes and irritations on the surface because key ingredients begin to balance sebum. The extracts sooth and cool inflammation while keeping your skin soft and clean.

Quick absorption of Smooth Skin into the skin delivers the healing agents rapidly. By using your system twice a day your skin has the upper hand to help fight surface dehydration and protects from the environment.

The enzyme promoting activities help fight freed radicals naturally and help to stimulate the growth of new tissue.

Here at The Smooth Skin Company we have designed a simple regime in 3 easy essential steps “Wash, Tone, & Moisturize” to exfoliate, hydrate, and keep your keep nourished.

Smooth Skin is relevant, necessary and there are no excuses for you not to have HEALTHY SKIN! We have made it complete and easy for YOU! Skin is your calling card . The main drivers are to remove debris, exfoliate, replenish nutrients, and hydrate with a layer of protection.

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Function & Simplicity perfectly balanced

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